Use on mobile devices

Access your organization structure anywhere on any mobile devices. You have not locked to your desktop anymore. Get the information you need on the go.

Explore org structure with drill down, breadcrumb, dragging and zooming.

You will never lose context with breadcrumb and drill down. Dragging visible area and zooming will help to observe org structure in detail.

Conditionally format boxes, tooltips and search results

Use JavaScript framework to bring dynamics to Org Chart. Modify and highlight boxes, tooltips and search results according to data from the data source.

Display assistants, dotted-line managers and vacancies

Display assistants, vacancies and dotted-line managers for matrix structures. Customize styles for different types of boxes.

Design organizational chart according to your brand book

You can choose from 21 beautiful skins or add custom CSS-styles to design an organizational chart according to your brand book using CSS editor with code highlighting.

Add new fields and customize HTML templates

Use visual editor or HTML editor to customize templates for boxes, tooltips and search results.

Use this functionality to add new fields, assign badges to employees or for any other customizations of templates.

Bring dynamics to Org Chart using JavaScript framework

Subscribe for box, tooltip, search result rendering events and use jQuery to customize them dynamically.