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Sep 21
Popular ways to automate documents using Zapier
Angelika Cherina
Angelika Cherina
Lead Marketing Specialist

Adding document automation could significantly help your business to grow. You may not see its benefits at once, but when you start automating documents, you understand how much time it saves, how it speeds up your communications, makes documentation more accurate and error-free.

We got inspired by how our customers automate their paperwork using Plumsail Documents and Zapier. We decided to pick up the most popular ways of automating documents in Zapier and share them for you to get inspired too.


1. Create contracts and other documents from Airtable

Airtable allows you to create collaborative apps for various needs. Some companies use it to handle communication among their teams, some - with their customers. Ways to automate document generation from Airtable are endless. It could be simple invoices and contracts, or complicated fillable forms, depending on your needs.

2. Automate sales proposals from Wufoo forms

With Wufoo forms, you can create and embed registration, application, lead capture, and other forms onto your site. With Plumsail Documents and Zapier, you can easily merge Wufoo form submission data into ready completed documents.

3. Send customized payment receipts from Shopify

Selling your products and services using Shopify? Then you might have already felt that limitation when it comes to customizing payment documents such as invoices and receipts. The solution is here - connect Shopify to Plumsail Documents in Zapier and automatically send documents from Shopify to your customers.

4. Create certificates of completion and diplomas from Teachable

If you're running online courses and would like to automate creating and sending diplomas on course completion, try this Zapier automation for Plumsail Documents and Teachable. It would do all work for you without any manual interruption.

5. Automate creating contracts from Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM is a great tool to automate the entire sales pipeline. A cool addition to it will be Pumsail Documents, so you can populate your sales documents such as proposals, contracts, invoices, and more with data from Hubspot CRM.

6. Generate custom business documents from Typeform

Instantly generate customized business documents using Typeform entry data. Typeform is a popular and powerful form builder that many people use to collect data. It's a quite common request to transform Typeform entry data into beautiful documents. Here is when Plumsail Documents and Zapier come in handy.

7. Automate sales quotes from Jotform

Automatic quoting customers make the chances they will turn into paying customers much higher. Make life easy for your sales team and set up the automated generation and sending of sales quotes. Use this Zapier automation with JotForm and Plumsail Documents.

8. Automatically populate business forms with Smartsheet data

Using Smartsheet, you may face with limitations of its document builder. Instead of that, you can use Plumsail Documents. Connect it to Smartsheet in Zapier to instantly populate your business forms.

9. Generate invoices for each sales order in Zoho CRM

Whenever a new sales order is placed in Zoho CRM, a branded invoice is automatically generated and sent to your customers. Sounds great, doesn't it? It's easily achievable with Plumsail Documents connected to Zoho CRM in Zapier. Actually, a similar approach will work for any business documents you need to generate from Zoho CRM data.

10. Create sales contracts on new Google Forms submission or new rows in Google Sheets

This one will be useful for those who use Google Suite to operate business processes. Often Google Docs templating solution is not enough for complex-structured documents. With Plumsail Documents, you will easily create custom documents with tables, lists, images, and more from your Google Spreadsheets and Forms.

Above are just a few examples you can use to automate your document workflows using Zapier. Learn how to use Plumsail Documents in Zapier and create your own workflows with your favorite apps and services.

By the way, we'd be happy to know your use cases. You can share them by dropping the message at [email protected].

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