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Sep 07
Audit log now available in Plumsail account
Instantly overview the history of actions performed in the Plumsail account.
Angelika Cherina
Lead Marketing Specialist
Sep 01
Capital expenditure approval process from Globeleq using Plumsail Forms
Discover real case of structuring CAPEX project requests with SharePoint forms, and ensuring that the process is compliant with the company’s standards and rules.
Dessislav Shekerletov
Business Process Automation & Improvement at Globeleq Africa Limited
Aug 23
Manage and sync subscriptions across SharePoint and Pax8 using Plumsail Forms and Power Automate
Implementing a system to manage and synchronize subscriptions between Lucidica's Internal SharePoint ERP (CORE4) and External Reseller Platform (Pax8)
Ozge Dogan
Projects Coordinator at Lucidica
Jul 28
How to work with the PowerPoint template for creating documents with dynamic pictures
In this article, we will show how the logic works with the PowerPoint template with dynamic pictures using the example of a restaurant menu.
Sergey Kaigarodov
Internet Marketer
Jul 24
New designer for customizing SharePoint forms
Learn how we've been creating the best tool for designing SharePoint forms for the past ten thrilling years.
Dmitry Kozlov
Co-Founder at Plumsail


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