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Mar 01
How to convert Power Apps forms to PDF
Create canvas apps in Power Apps and convert submissions into PDF documents.
Evgeniy Evseychik

Customer Support Engineer

Feb 27
Create and manage documents in Airtable Interfaces and Automations
Plumsail Documents extension for Airtable got new feature for document creation and management in Airtable Interfaces and Automations.
Angelika Cherina

Lead Marketing Specialist

Jan 17
Automate bank account applications effortlessly with Plumsail Forms and Documents
Streamline the new bank account opening process using Plumsail Forms and Documents to automatically fill out the PDF bank account application forms.
Katrina Frolkina

Head of Sales

Dec 25, 2023
How to Automate Student Registration Process for Courses
In this article we explain how to automate Student Registration Process for Courses and benefits of automation. Using Plumsail Forms and Documents we demonstrated a real life example.
Borko Bacic

Digital Marketing Specialist

Nov 21, 2023
Airtable extension for seamless document creation
Introducing a Plumsail Documents extension for Airtable. Create documents from Airtable records with just one click.
Angelika Cherina

Lead Marketing Specialist


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