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Dec 08, 2021

How to automate sales quotation process and scale your business

Lead Marketing Specialist

Manual creating quotes would hardly help your business scale. Moreover, it could be an overwhelming task with the risk of errors and missed deadlines. That's why you may be asking Why and how to automate the sales quoting process.

Why should you automate your quoting process?

If your team is issuing sales quotes manually, the process may include the following steps:

  1. Data entry - copying and pasting customer and request details.
  2. Proofreading and correcting in case there are some typos or inaccuracy.
  3. Sending the quote to the customer.

How many sales quotes can one employee handle during a working day? Definitely less in comparison with automated issuing and sending quotes. Also, sales quote automation reduces the risks of errors and data loss in the final document.

With automated quote processing, you will:

  1. Reduce operational costs.
  2. Eliminate errors.
  3. Free up time to focus on tasks to grow up your business.

How to automate sales quoting process?

1. Use templates to create sales quotes and estimates

You can use Word and Excel templates to create standardized documents, including sales quotes. It will help you provide your customers with branded and accurate sales quotes.

Plumsail Documents offers a range of various ready-to-go sales quote templates. You can use them as is or adjust them to your requirements.


Otherwise, turn your own quotes into templates by simply inserting {{placeholders}} into those places that you usually copy and paste.

2. Use forms to automate sales quote creation

For sales quotes, online forms are a good way to implement the process that won't require your team involvement almost at all. All the required information will be filled in directly by the customer.

Forms are consist of fields that require particular information. These fields are easy to map with document templates. Forms can be fun and attractive to your customers. Modern web forms provide the ability to apply and customize design, implement conditional logic and interactive widgets. All this without special technical knowledge.

This is how your quoting flow may look if you're using online forms to automate the sales quotation process:

automated quotating

Take a look at such online form builders as Plumsail Forms, Typeform, Jotform, and others.

Or search for the online form builder you already use in our Integrations - Forms & Surveys.

3. Generate sales quotes for every order placed in your CRM or online store

Another great alternative or addition to online forms is to connect your online store or CRM to the sales quote generation. New leads, new orders placed, or other events can trigger creating and sending a sales quote to the customer.

For instance, you can automatically create sales quotes for new orders in Shopify.

Or generate sales documents for a selected client in Dynamics CRM.

Or create quotes for new sales orders in Zoho CRM.

These are just a few examples out of many. Try to search for your CRM in Plumsail Documents Integrations - Sales & CRM.

Automation makes impact

While some businesses continue to handle papers manually, others focus on crucial things that can't be automated and require making decisions. The more time you save with automated sales quoting, the more time you can put into important parts of your business.

Review how the SleevesUp! space-as-a-service company scaled the business by automating sales material and quotes.

Getting started

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