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    Org Chart for Office 365

    SharePoint Online

    $30 / Month

    Any number of users and web parts in any number of sites and Microsoft Teams


    Or $329 annually

Frequently asked questions

How does pricing work?

You can choose your billing cycle—purchase for one year or pay month-to-month. The subscription is linked to the SharePoint Online domain. Install Org Chart to any number of sites within the same SharePoint domain and use it with any number of users. Find more information in licensing details.

How will I receive the license?

You need to specify your SharePoint Online domain in the purchase form of our online store (yourdomain.sharepoint.com). Once your purchase is finished, the subscription for this domain will be activated automatically. If you forgot to specify the domain in the order form, contact our support team.

Can you invoice me?

Select wire transfer as a payment option in the purchase form of our online store. You will get a proforma invoice and banking details for a wire tranfser. Once your payment is finished you will get a normal invoice by email. Pay all bank fees involved in the bank/wire transfer. Transferring an incomplete amount will block order processing and delay delivery.

My company has tax-exempt, how to buy?

You should place a normal order in our online store and specify the VAT ID in the order form. Then you should pay for the order including taxes. Once the payment is finished, contact [email protected]and provide documents confirming tax-exempt. It is the support team of our payment processor 2Checkout. They will issue a partial refund for the taxes you paid with the order.

Is Org Chart secure?

Absolutely! The design of core Plumsail Org Chart functionality prevents any personal data transfer to our servers. The core functionality of the application is working client-side, which means that all the information exchange happens between end-users desktop and their SharePoint tenant. Read more about our data protection and security.

How to switch to a higher plan?

You can easily switch from your monthly subscription to an annual subscription. We will subtract money from the price of an annual subscription according to the number of days you left on your monthly subscription. Follow this instruction to upgrade.