Use notes in charts created with SharePoint Dashboard Designer

Using notes in charts created with SharePoint Dashboard Designer

This is a manual on how to use notes in Dashboard Designer’s charts(in this example we use a Line chart). Look at the screenshot. Each point has a note and a label, but they display different columns from a SharePoint list. It can be useful if a label is already used to display a value, but you need to display additional information related to specific points.

Line Chart With Notes

For the chart above we used a SharePoint list containing three fields: Total, Date, and Notes.

Data for Line Chart with Notes

So, we have a line chart, where category axis displays Date (to display only a month, set Style -> Category axis -> Label format in {0:MMMM}) and value axis displays Total for each month.

Default Line Chart

Now, we only need to put the code below into Dashboard -> Advanced tab to add notes:

var handlers = {};
handlers.preRender = function(config, logger) {
  config.seriesDefaults.noteTextField = 'Notes'; //add Notes
  config.seriesDefaults.notes = {
  	label: { position: 'outside' },
    position: 'bottom',
  logger.debug('Configuration: ', config);
  return true;