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Install Licenses

SharePoint On-Premises

  1. Buy Plumsail Charts license for each web front-end server.
  2. Download Server ID Generator. You can find download link in the e-mail message with order number from our online store. Run it on all WFE-servers of your farm.
  3. Copy generated keys and send them to sales@plumsail.com. Specify your WFE server names and the order number in the email message.
  4. We will generate licenses for you and will send them to your e-mail within one day.
  5. Place received *.license files in the root folder of all SharePoint web-applications on WFE-servers according to generated ids. If you use port 80 it is usually here: c:\inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\80\

SharePoint Online in Microsoft 365

  1. Buy license for each domain where you are going to use Charts Specify them in the order details.
  2. After the payment your installations will be activated automatically within one day.