Dashboard Designer for SharePoint 2010 WSP Installation

Download wsp-package and upload it to one of the servers in your SharePoint 2010 farm. Run Sharepoint 2010 Management Shell as administrator:

SharePoint 2010 Management Shell Run SharePoint Shell as administrator

Execute the following command: Add-SPSolution <path to WSP-file> Add SharePoint solution

Go to Central Administration → System Settings → Manage farm solutions. Choose plumsail.dashboarddesigner2010.wsp and click the Deploy Solution link:

Deploy SharePoint Dashboard Designer

Navigate to the site collection where you’re going to use the Dashboard Designer, open the Site Settings page, click the Site collection features link under​ the Site Collection Administration section:

Site collection features

Activate the Dashboard Designer feature:

Dashboard Designer feature

Now, open any page where you want to add a chart, switch it into the edit mode and click the Plumsail Chart button on the ribbon to add a chart under the cursor or into the selected web part zone:

Adding Plumsail Chart