Bubbles on a map

Map Chart with Bubbles
Map Chart Data List

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Revenue per Country

​​​Displays revenue aggregation by country as bubbles on the map.

Data Source

  • SharePoint List

    List: Orders
    Fields: ​​Total, Customer:Country, Customer:CountryLongitude, Customer:CountryLatitude
    Rows: 2000

  • Aggregation:

    Group by: location

    As you can see the location field doesn’t exists in the data source. We assign it in the JavaScript code in the advanced panel (see below).

    Total = sum of Total
    Latitude = min of Customer:CountryLatitude
    Longitude = min of Customer:CountryLongitude
    Country = min of Customer:Country

  • Advanced:
    ​var handlers = {};
    handlers.requestSuccess = function(data, logger) {
      $.each(data.items, function() {
        this.location = this.Customer_x003a_CountryLatitude + '_' + this.Customer_x003a_CountryLongitude;
      return true;

    This bit of code is used to assign the location field that is used as a group by value. The location field has the format of CountryLatitude_CountryLongitude.


  • Chart

    Type: Map with bubbles
    Latitude: Latitude​
    Longitude: Longitude
    Value: Total

  • Style

    Size: 100% x 600

    Width x height dimensions of the map. Default units is px.