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Apr 11, 2019
Create SharePoint sites, lists, libraries using PnP templates and Microsoft Flow
Anton Khritonenkov
Anton Khritonenkov
CEO and Co-Founder @Plumsail

PnP provisioning is a popular framework that allows you to create various SharePoint entities like lists, libraries, Modern pages, content types, site columns, security groups, permissions and many many more. You just create a PnP template from scratch or grab it from an existing SharePoint site.

Now you can do all of this right from your Microsoft Power Automate, Azure Logic Apps or PowerApps.

Just search for Provision PnP template to SharePoint in your Flow or app. You will find this action under Plumsail SP connector, which is a part of our Plumsail Actions product.

Save your PnP template in SharePoint or put the XML directly to the action:


We prepared three ready to use Microsoft Flow examples when PnP provisioning can be useful. Find them below.

Create a Modern Teams or Communication SharePoint site from a template

You can automatically create a Modern SharePoint Team site and apply a PnP template to it. Use this approach to automate the creation of new SharePoint sites from custom templates. For example, you can create team sites for your projects with a predefined set of lists, libraries, etc. The same approach can work for Modern SharePoint Communication site as well.

Please find the detailed description of the Flow in the documentation.

Example of the site that you could create:


Create a Modern SharePoint page from a template

You can create a SharePoint Modern page using a PnP provisioning template. It may be quite useful when you want to automatically post some news to your Modern Communication site or migrate regular pages from one site to another.

Please find the detailed description of the Flow in the documentation.

Here is the example of the page you may create:


Create a SharePoint list or library from a template

You can create a custom SharePoint list or library using PnP provisioning template. You can use this approach to create lists or libraries of any complexity in SharePoint. For example, you may want to create an employees list with a set of predefined columns for your team.

Please find the detailed description of the Flow in the documentation.

Here is the example of the list created from the template:


Get started

Take a look at the PnP template schema you will realize, that you can do a lot of different helpful stuff with the help of those templates. Not only create lists and libraries. Give it a try.

If you are new to Plumsail Actions, just follow this instruction to get started.

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