Email processing

Send and receive e-mail

Send e-mail with attachments to both external and internal users. Synchronize e-mail and attachments from your Exchange mailbox to your SharePoint list. Get more information from the use case.

Documents and list items processing

Create, copy, move documents and folders

Use documents and list items processing workflow actions to build flexible and automated document storage. Now you can manage your documents cross-site. Get more information from the use case.

SharePoint workflow permissions management

Create accounts and manage permissions

Add users to SharePoint security groups, manage the permissions’ inheritance, assign and remove permissions to individual accounts or groups. Get more information from the use case.

SharePoint workflow create lists and sites

Create SharePoint sites, document libraries and lists

You can save any SharePoint site, document library, or list as a template and reuse it afterwards. It allows you to dynamically create new workspaces, document archives, dictionaries, etc.

SharePoint workflow CAML query

Query documents and list items using CAML

Query documents and list items using CAML and iterate through the results. Process multiple documents and items within a single workflow, send notifications, archive documents, assign tasks, etc.

SharePoint workflow social integration

Post to SharePoint microfeed, Twitter and WordPress blog

Integrate your SharePoint sites with social services. Publish updates to external WordPress blog, corporate or personal Twitter. Notify your colleagues about new events using the SharePoint microfeed.

SharePoint Workflow Scheduler

Use in conjunction with Workflow Scheduler

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Start SharePoint workflows periodically or with delay at a specified time.