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Apr 15, 2021

New deliveries for Plumsail Documents: Adobe Sign, Box, Microsoft Outlook

Lead Marketing Specialist

With Plumsail Documents, you can automatically generate any documents from templates and save results to your storage clouds, document libraries, send by email, or send for e-signing.

Even though Plumsail Documents can be integrated with any apps using Power Automate or Zapier, our team keeps working on native integrations for more convenience. Good news: we added 3 new apps! 🎉

Adobe Sign

Add an Adobe Sign delivery to your Plumsail process to send generated documents for e-signing.


Customize the delivery settings to require e-signing, approving, or filling the form. If you need, set a sequence of signing, set reminders, specify expiration like in the picture above. All this is now available in your Plumsail account.


If you use Box to collaborate on and store documents, you will like this new delivery. Simply add a Box delivery to your document generation process and specify a Box folder where to save the resulting documents.


Microsoft Outlook

Have a mailbox in Microsoft Outlook? Now you can connect it to document generation to send documents using your Outlook account. See the Outlook delivery documentation.


Getting started

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