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May 04, 2018
How to manage SharePoint help desk in Microsoft Power Automate, Logic Apps or REST API
Anna Dorokhova
Anna Dorokhova
Customer Support Engineer


We are glad to introduce new features for Plumsail HelpDesk for Office 365 that will help you better automate your help desk and integrate it with other third-party systems. Now, you can manage your help desk from Microsoft Power Automate, Azure Logic Apps or call rich REST API from your custom code.

Connector for Microsoft Power Automate

Plumsail HelpDesk connector allows you to:

  • Automate routine tasks like ticket assignment and ticket management
  • Submit tickets from custom online forms
  • Create tickets from social networks and other services
  • Easily integrate your help desk with other systems


Submit tickets from custom online forms

Here is an article providing detailed instructions on how to create a custom form and set up a Microsoft Flow that will automatically create tickets in your Plumsail HelpDesk.

The screenshot below shows an example of creating tickets in Plumsail HelpDesk action. In our case, it triggers on submission of a form. Such forms can be used to send feedback, to report a problem, to request assistance or just to get some information in general.



Rich REST API allows interaction with Plumsail HelpDesk ticketing system.

Here are just a few cases when you can use Rich REST API:

HelpDesk REST API relies on SharePoint’s REST API, so you can use OData queries with such parameters: $select, $expand, $filter, $top and $skiptoken.

Getting started

Here are a couple of links to get started with MS Flow or REST API

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