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Sep 04, 2017
Сustomer support software for Microsoft 365 and SharePoint
Lily Babiy
Lily Babiy
Marketing Specialist

Maybe all your customer requests are stored in the email box of each agent and you feel confident about it. We agree that email is a handy and tried-and-true tool but the bigger you get, the more customers are trying to reach you. This means that you are opening yourself up to letting customer issues fall through the cracks.


We built Plumsail HelpDesk on top of SharePoint and Office 365 to let you get all power of these apps and put this power to providing exceptional support.

Here we collect a few reasons why HelpDesk could be your match.

1. Email integration

With Plumsail HelpDesk you are getting email integration, so your customers can still email you, but it’s going to be added as a ticket to help desk so all agents can see it.

2. SLA

Mix errors and bugs with undefined resolution time and you will probably get an angry and unhappy customer in the end. But you can manage customer service expectations by clarifying how long any issue will be resolved from the submitting the first ticket until the ticket will be closed. With SLA feature, your team can always ensure customers that they will get help as soon as possible.


3. Collaboration is easy

Some problems need deeper investigation than others. So, you will probably need a simple way for agents and customers to collaborate. Agents can have a private chat inside the ticket and end-users can easily submit screenshots or any documents, so all the team will be on the same page with the case.


4. Widget for external users

Nothing is more aggravating for the customer as submitting a ticket to Neverland where they receive no response or update for weeks. That’s why in Plumsail Helpdesk, customers are able to follow actions on the ticket — assignee, priority, state, it’s all can be tracked in the widget. And also, customers can look through all tickets that were submitted by them.


5. Prioritize your tasks

With customer service solutions you can organize all requests in a handy way so you can focus on the most important. Feature requests, bug fixes or regular questions can be put in the category and for more effective work can be organized in the view.


6. Reporting is the thing

It’s just ridiculous to try to analyze all data you have manually. Get more insights from your customer support with built-in reports. These reports can help you to understand if your team is being effective and the most important customer service metrics are already taken into account. If this default reports is not enough for you, try to build your own chart.


To conclude

The main thing about Plumsail HelpDesk is that it is a really simple tool for customer support. Unlike others apps for SharePoint 2013/2016, you don’t need a lot of time for implementation and start working with it — just give it a try. Here is a link.

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