Create a new chart

In HelpDesk you have some built-in charts in Repots but you can create your own chart with the help of Dashboard Designer. Here is step-by-step instruction how to do that.

First of all, download Dashboard Designer from here. It will be automatically embedded into HelpDesk and you will find it in site contents.

DD in site-contents

For example, you want to figure out which department in your company has the largest amount of tickets. Note that Department is a custom field with a choice type of information.

To build a new chart head to Reports and choose ‘Edit page’ in the ribbon menu.


Choose page area there you’d like to put a chart and click on ‘Insert’ in the ribbon menu. Select ‘Plumsail chart’ and don’t forget to save a page.

Inser a chart

Some chart was inserted to the page and you can configure it now. Click on ‘Configure’ to run Dashboard Designer.

Configure a chart

Next, you need to input data, as you use SharePoint data as a data source, so define a list and its view. In this example, Tickets list is selected.

Then pick required fields and start a process.

Pick a list

Finally, you are ready to create a chart. In Dashboard Designer you have plenty of choices for charts and graphs to select. According to this case the best way to visualize data is to choose column type graph.

Choosу a chart type

Click ‘Preview’ and enjoy a new chart which shows that administration department has more tickets than others.

New chart

Save your chart and that’s it.