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Nov 27, 2019
Save complex controls — Singature, DataTable, Likert Scale from Public Web Form to SharePoint List
Nikita Kurguzov
Nikita Kurguzov
Customer Support Engineer

Plumsail Forms app allows both customization of SharePoint forms and creation of unique Public Web Forms. Both forms include custom controls, such as Ink Sketch for signatures or drawings:


DataTable for adding rows of data:


Likert Scale for polls:


These controls can be added to Public or SharePoint forms:


If used on Public Web Forms, you can process them with MS Power Automate (MS Flow) and send them to SharePoint:


If you’ve customized the form in SharePoint, you will also see these controls rendered in List View:


To find out more, please, check out our detailed article on how to send controls to SharePoint List.

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