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Mar 26

Introducing knowledge base in SharePoint Help Desk, plus updates for ticket search and merging

Lead Marketing Specialist

We’re excited to announce our updated Help Desk for SharePoint, with a new knowledge base feature, extended capabilities for ticket search, and improved logic for ticket merging.

Let's take a closer look at new features:

Build a knowledge base in SharePoint Help Desk

The Help Desk for SharePoint Online now has a new handy feature that will help your agents and other team members save time finding answers to common questions and troubleshooting issues. Meet the new knowledge base in SharePoint Help Desk.

Knowledge base in SharePoint Help Desk  

Create categories in the knowledge base of your SharePoint Help Desk

For easy navigation, create categories in your SharePoint Help Desk knowledge base. Enter edit mode and add as many categories as you need. Rearrange them for better logic or remove unnecessary ones.

Add category to Knowledge base in SharePoint Help Desk  

Create knowledge base articles in SharePoint Help Desk

Add a new article and assign categories and tags for faster navigation. Once you're in the 'create new article' form, you'll see fields where you can edit a new Knowledge Base article and assign tags and categories.

Add article in Knowledge base for SharePoint Help Desk  

Alternatively, you can drag existing articles from one category to another if you wish to change their category.

Improved logic for search in tickets and the knowledge base

You may have seen the search box in the knowledge base. It lets you search for both knowledge base articles and tickets. You can also access it from the ticket view:

Add article in Knowledge base for SharePoint Help Desk  

The updated search feature offers extended capabilities compared to the previous version:

  • Now you can search all your helpdesks together or pick a few to search, so you don't have to open each one separately.
  • It's now easy to set a date range for your search.
  • Search results appear in a user-friendly format where you'll see the search term in bold, the ticket subject, its status, the last comment date, and all participants, including the requester, CC, and agent.

New search results  

Improved logic for ticket merging

New merging logic now allows:

  • to search tickets by its title, requester, or assignee in addition to ticket ID;

Search for ticket to merge  

  • to copy fields from source ticket to a target ticket;

  • and to add people from source ticket to Cc of a target ticket.

Ticket merging window  

Upgrade SharePoint help desk to get new features

To access the new knowledge base feature, improved logic for ticket search, and ticket merging in your HelpDesk for SharePoint Online, launch the upgrade manager.

Install help desk for Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online

If you're new to the Plumsail HelpDesk for SharePoint Online in Microsoft 365, try it for free.

For installation, download a wizard and follow the instructions.