HelpDesk installation

Installation steps

Watch the video above or follow the following installation steps.

Download and run the setup file.

Then specify your SharePoint tenant URL where a HelpDesk instance will be created:

Install Authentication

You will be prompted for your credentials. Please enter the SharePoint admin credentials.

Then you’ll be asked to choose to create a New site, install HelpDesk to an existing site or Repair an existing installation.

If you want to install a new site, enter the HelpDesk site name, languange and privacy settings:

HelpDesk Site Name


You’ll find more information about installing HelpDesk to an existing site in the “Advanced scenarios” section of the article.

Your HelpDesk site will be available under:

Once HelpDesk has been installed, you can go on to configuration.

Advanced scenarios

Please click on the links to find more about the advanced scenarios.

Known issues

Unfortunately, sometimes SharePoint Online experiences outages. Incidents that affect Microsoft 365 or SharePoint Online can hinder to install HelpDesk.

Please check the health status of Microsoft 365 services (“Health” feature of Microsoft 365 admin center). If there are problems that affect the specified services, wait until they are resolved and try to install HelpDesk again.