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Feb 02, 2018
Move, copy, check-in SharePoint documents, document sets and folders in Microsoft Power Automate…
Anton Khritonenkov
Anton Khritonenkov
CEO and Co-Founder @Plumsail


Unfortunately, the standard SharePoint connector in Microsoft Power Automate is quite limited. Frequently, when we need to manage documents in SharePoint Online and Office 365 we have to use difficult workarounds with Azure Functions or REST requests to SharePoint API.

Plumsal Actions allows you to avoid it with the help of ready to use actions for SharePoint.

Those are just a few of them:

Get started

There are three steps to get started. Then you can manage SharePoint documents, folder and document sets:

  1. Register account and generate API key
  2. Start using it in Microsoft Flow
  3. Review examples of Flows
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