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Sep 07, 2017
IT service desk for Microsoft 365 and SharePoint in more than nine languages
Lily Babiy
Lily Babiy
Marketing Specialist

Probably, you remember the legend about the Tower of Babel when God confounds people’s speech so that they can no longer understand each other. Since then we stuck in endless attempts to speak other languages… As you know, the default configuration of Plumsail HelpDesk is in the English language (sure, 1.5 billion speakers in the world!) but now, we are happy to announce a localization feature!


Localization means that all user interface and the end-user experience can be viewed in other languages than English. That’s a really great opportunity to build your Global Support Tower and speak the same language as your customer. For example, your customers can receive replies in the same language they ask the question. ¡Es pan comido!

Currently, we support only German language, if you’d like us to support your language, drop us a line to [email protected] and we will work it out.

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