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Dec 15, 2017
How to manage SharePoint permissions on sites, lists, libraries, list items and documents in…
Anton Khritonenkov
Anton Khritonenkov
CEO and Co-Founder @Plumsail

Microsoft Power Automate and Logic Apps are great tools for workflows automation. There are decades of integration connectors available, which cover thousands of scenarios.

Unfortunately, standard connector for SharePoint Online in Office 365 covers only CURD (Create, Update, Read, Delete) functionality. It is not obvious how to manage SharePoint permissions.

But you can do it with the custom connector called Plumsail SharePoint, which is a part of Plumsail Actions product.

Change SharePoint Permissions Microsoft Power Automate Action

Change Permissions action allows you to:

  • Grant permissions on site
  • Remove permissions from site
  • Remove all permissions from Site
  • Restore permissions inheritance for site
  • Grant permissions on list or document library
  • Remove permissions from list or document library
  • Remove all permissions from list or document library
  • Restore permissions inheritance for list or document library
  • Grant permissions on list Item or document
  • Remove permissions from list item or document
  • Remove all permissions from list item or document
  • Restore permissions inheritance for list item or document

This is example of granting permissions to SharePoint list item:


Getting started

There are just two steps to get started. Then you can start granting, removing or restoring permissions:

  1. Register account and generate API key
  2. Add connector to your Microsoft Flow

‘Change Permissions’ action can be quite useful in various scenarios. For example, you may want to remove all contributors from a document or list item once it is processed. Please read this article describing a scenario with changing permissions on a travel request:

Set item level permissions (break role inheritance and assign permissions)

Another scenario is when you create SharePoint sites or libraries dynamically and want to grant permissions on SharePoint site or library. Please read this article describing a scenario with creating a new SharePoint site from a template and changing permissions on it:

Create site from custom template and grant permissions

It is quite easy to automatically grant, remove or restore SharePoint permissions in Microsoft Flow with the help of Plumsail Action and its connector. Just follow the steps above and if you have any questions, comment here or drop us a message to [email protected].

There are more actions coming for SharePoint and other workflow automation tasks. Follow us to be up to date!

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