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Jul 04, 2019
Generate documents from a template in Microsoft Flow and sign them with E-signatures
Angelika Cherina
Angelika Cherina
Lead Marketing Specialist

In this article, we will present you with a quick and paperless solution on how to manage your workflow - from generating documents to signing them.

With the help of the Plumsail Documents connector for Microsoft Power Automate and e-sign systems, we’ll automate the whole process. Plumsail Documents work well together with different systems. We took AdobeSign and SignNow as examples.


Why using electronic documents and signatures?

There are many advantages of electronic documents and signatures:

1. They are as legally valid as traditional written.

2. Speed — no visiting post offices, no waiting for delivery.

3. High secure protection — software security measures and settings minimize risks that sensitive information will leak, or another one will sign a document, instead of an appropriate person.

4. Saving money — no need to pay for paper, delivery service, shipping and so on.

5. Saving human resources — employees get time to work on tasks that are more important than ones connected with paperwork.

6. And, finally, using electronic workflow and e-signatures is environmentally friendly.

No doubt, that you will raise your efficiency if you switch offline routines and communication processes into online ones.

Get acquainted with our ready-to-use Flow examples that will help you to do it.

Create a document from a template and sign it using AdobeSign

With the Processes by Plumsail Documents and its action for Power Automate (Flow) connector, it’s simple to generate documents from templates, receive the result file in the desired format, and use ready documents in the workflow.

We’ve prepared a ready-to-use solution on how to create a sales contract in PDF format from a DOCX template and send it for signing with AdobeSign.

Below you can see the picture of the whole Flow. Detailed information on every step is provided in our documentation article.


Create a document from a template and sign it using SignNow

SignNow is another electronic signature software that makes it easy to sign and manage documents on any device. We can create almost the same Flow. It will differ a little — just needs to assign SignNow action instead of AdobeSign for sending contracts for signature.

Below is the picture of the Flow. Check out the step-by-step guide in our documentation.



It’s quite easy to make your operational life go smooth and fast. Use Plumsail Documents and E-sign systems like AdobeSign or SignNow together in Microsoft Power Automate.

Register a Plumsail account to get started and follow the steps described in the articles to create your Flows. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a message at [email protected].

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