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Dec 04, 2017
Create custom responsive forms (SharePoint Modern UI and Web)
Nikita Kurguzov
Nikita Kurguzov
Customer Support Engineer

We have recently released a new product called Plumsail Forms which allows users not only to design custom responsive forms for SharePoint Online Modern pages, but also to use custom responsive forms on any page in the web, including your personal or corporate site, your SharePoint site or anywhere else handling data with MS Flow. These forms can even be submitted by anonymous users, for example, your customers, and the data they submit can then be handled as you see fit.


This product offers similar functionality to our SharePoint Forms Designer, but instead designed to work for SharePoint Online Modern UI. We will fully maintain and support Forms Designer for SharePoint On-Premises and classic UI pages of SharePoint Online, but to design forms for Modern pages, you’ll need to use Plumsail Forms.

Plumsail Forms are built with Vue.js v2 and Bootstrap v4 and offer the best possible experience for users while staying highly customizable where every element can be carefully handcrafted to fit your vision of ideal form. Forms are built using Bootstrap Grid and are responsive by default. The product supports scaling for mobile devices and offers an easy way to design custom layouts for phones and tablets.


With Forms for SharePoint Online you can replace standard SharePoint forms for Lists and Document Libraries with new ones, add tabs and over containers, reposition fields as you see fit, easily add custom JavaScript and CSS styles. The editor is really simple to use but can provide a large variety of customization options for even the most experienced coders.


You can use Vue.js and JQuery which come included with the app, as well as many additional properties, methods, and events for fields, controls, and containers to improve the interactivity of your forms. This includes adding custom validators, dynamically filling in fields or writing your own custom logic for the fields and controls, if necessary.

Plumsail Forms allow you to build similar custom forms, but instead of replacing default SharePoint forms, the product gives you the possibility to publish custom forms anywhere you see fit. It comes with many features and custom controls, including Ink Sketch and CAPTCHA, and will allow you to simply place the form on a web page, and handle all the data submitted through the form with MS Flow. Data Table functionality is coming soon.


You can send an email with submitted data, create (or edit) SharePoint List item, upload documents to SharePoint Document Library or Dropbox, and do anything else that Microsoft Flow connectors allow and there is a lot of them. All of this is handled with our custom connector which will transfer all the data submitted with the form to your destination.

The product comes with two different licenses, depending on which functionality you are planning to use:

  1. Plumsail Forms license is an annual subscription license, which will allow you to use our custom MS Flow triggers for handling form submission, issued one per Plumsail Account. This license is necessary if you plan to use Plumsail Forms on various web pages or if you want to use our custom MS Flow trigger with your Modern SharePoint Forms.
  2. Forms for SharePoint Online license is a permanent license which allows you to design new custom and responsive forms for your SharePoint Modern UI Lists and Libraries which is issued one per SharePoint domain.

Finally, we are offering 30 day trial period for new users. All you have to do is to go to this page and press Start Trial button in the middle of the page.

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