Introduction to Modern SharePoint Forms

General information

Modern SharePoint Forms allow you to design beautiful modern responsive forms for SharePoint Online Modern pages.

In order to use Modern SharePoint Forms, you only need Forms Designer License, nothing else.

Additionally, when user submits the form in SharePoint, you can also use it with Microsoft Flow which can then be used for variety of purposes - create new items in another list, send an email, save files to document library and much more.

But in order to use Modern SharePoint Forms in conjuction with Microsoft Flow you will also need to purchase Plumsail License for Forms.

You will also get access to Plumsail Forms which will allow you to publish custom forms(not from SharePoint) to any page on the web and use submitted data with Microsoft Flow. Read more about using Microsoft Flow here.

Responsive UI

Just like Plumsail Forms, Modern SharePoint forms are built using Bootstrap 4 and Vue.js 2.

Finally, you are able to design modern, responsive and fully customizable forms for SharePoint in just a few clicks.

Publishing forms to SharePoint pages

When saved, SharePoint Form will automatically replace default form for the List or Document Library.

Differences between Plumsail Forms and classic Forms Designer

Modern SharePoint Forms will only work with Modern SharePoint pages.

There are many other differences between classic Forms Designer and Modern SharePoint Forms, not limited to use of Bootstrap or Responsive layout.

First of all, Modern Forms use Vue.js 2 which you can utilize to your advantage with custom scripts. JQuery is still available too.

How the fields are handled has also changed, you are no longer limited to the default SharePoint fields from the list, but you can also add your own.

With Modern SharePoint Forms after saving an item, you also can send data using Microsoft Flow, which you then can use to populate other lists or do anything else with it, it's up to you.