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May 06, 2020
Create PowerPoint presentations from PPTX templates in Power Automate and Zapier
Angelika Cherina
Angelika Cherina
Lead Marketing Specialist

Creating PowerPoint presentations from scratch is tiresome. What if you need to provide your team with monthly company reports, or weekly, or daily? Or you regularly do all the same routine to create marketing collaterals or sales presentations for partners? It could be overwhelming.

Plumsail Documents now support PowerPoint PPTX templates. The feature allows generating complex PowerPoint presentations with tables, charts, and other visual content in a few steps.


Prepare PowerPoint PPTX template

To revolutionize your experience in creating PowerPoint presentations, start with composing pre-made PPTX templates.

Plumsail PowerPoint PPTX templates use a clear and powerful syntax. With its help, it’s possible to enrich your presentations with visual support like tables, diagrams, or charts without much effort.



Create Process to generate presentations

Once your PPTX template is ready, it’s time to configure a process of generating PowerPoint presentations.

Plumsail Documents processes will guide you step by step. An intuitive interface for creating documents from templates of various formats doesn’t require technical education.

We have a documentation article describing how to set a process for creating PowerPoint presentations from templates.

Populate PPTX template in Power Automate Flow and Zapier

Connect your process with other systems in Zapier or Power Automate Flow to use data from your favorite apps to populate the presentation.

Zap or Flow will gather data from one system and pass on to the process. You’ll receive a ready PowerPoint presentation.

These are just a few examples out of many others:

  • Web Forms — use submission data to fill-in PowerPoint templates to create marketing materials;
  • Dynamics 365, Salesforce, and other CRM systems— populate PPTX template with its data to generate sales presentations or company reports;
  • SharePoint list — personalize company reports with its data.

Getting started

Plumsail Documents enable you to automate the whole process of creating PowerPoint presentations from templates. It’s easy to get started.

Sign up and get a 30-day trial for free.

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