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Apr 07, 2023

Vendor application and customer registration forms for a medical manufacturer and distributor, WILAmed GmbH

Head of Digital Transformation & Sustainability at WILAmed GmbH

These business cases were described to us by WILAmed GmbH. They use Plumsail Forms for their staff and visitors in the medical device manufacturing and distribution.

Plumsail Forms helped us to simplify our internal & external digital workflows.

Embarking on a digital transformation journey, WILAmed, a manufacturer of medical devices and solutions, has harnessed the power of Microsoft PowerApps and Power Automate to optimize and digitize numerous processes, increasing operational efficiency.

However, as with any significant change, there were challenges to overcome: Frontline workers, such as production staff, struggled to be effectively included in these digitized processes due to the lack of individual logins.

Additionally, there was no straightforward way to involve external stakeholders, such as customers and suppliers, in the processes. With the help of Plumsail, WILAmed was able to address these issues seamlessly.

Plumsail Forms offers an easy & simple way to create and deploy Forms, with their native connector to Power Automate, which makes it simple to create and customize workflows after submitting the forms. Furthermore, integrating and sharing with customers and suppliers has become a breeze.

Plumsail Forms in kiosks

Plumsail Form on the stand kiosk


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Plumsail Forms for Mobile Data Collection

With Plumsail Forms, WILAmed was able to streamline the process of collecting applicant information using mobile devices. This digital approach eliminated the need for paper forms, allowing applicants to conveniently input their data on iPads, which is then automatically imported into WILAmed's HR system.

Signing the form

Applicants conveniently fill in and sign forms on iPads and standalone kiosks


Setting up the mobile data collection involved the following steps:

  1. Create the digital version of the 4-page personnel questionnaire using Plumsail Forms, tailoring the form to meet WILAmed's specific requirements.
  2. Access the Plumsail Form through the provided URL on an iPad.
  3. Save the form's URL on the iPad's home screen for easy access.
  4. Launch the form in guided access mode to ensure applicants can focus on completing the questionnaire without distractions or accessing other parts of the device.
  5. Set up a Power Automate flow, integrating Plumsail's native connector to automatically import the applicant data into WILAmed's system upon form submission.

This simple, but innovative use case demonstrates the power of mobile data collection, streamlined data management, and how Plumsail Forms and Power Automate can work together to create an efficient and seamless process for both the applicants and the organization.

Form with a signature

Plumsail Forms on a standalone kiosk


Simplifying New Customer Registration with Plumsail Forms

In the past, new B2B customer registration involved a tedious process of filling out, signing, scanning, and sending multi-page paper forms. With the help of Plumsail, WILAmed has transformed this procedure, making it faster and more efficient for both the company and the customers.

By incorporating Plumsail Forms into the company's website, new customers can now complete their registration digitally, including signing the forms electronically. Once submitted, the data is routed through Power Automate to the sales department for approval. Upon approval, the customer information is seamlessly integrated into the ABAS ERP system, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Screenshot of the form

An example of the form with handwritten signature input


This modernized process not only saves valuable time for WILAmed and its customers but also reduces the potential for errors in data entry. By leveraging Plumsail Forms and Power Automate, WILAmed has successfully streamlined the new customer registration process, demonstrating the company's commitment to embracing digital transformation and enhancing customer experience.

In addition, our new customers have the option of registering directly via our trade fair terminals or having the desired product brochures sent directly to them by e-mail.

New customer registration

Filling out the form on the mobile device


Get started with Plumsail Public web forms

Using Plumsail Forms, companies can create forms to streamline all kinds of processes - starting from new user registration down to the most complex systems of personnel and equipment management. Forms can be used online and in real-life scenarios with mobile devices, such as tablets.

If you'd like to create similar forms for yourself or do something else, get started with a free version of Plumsail Forms by checking how to design your first form guide, which includes a full video walkthrough and contact us at support@plumsail.com if you have any questions!