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Restaurant Order Form

Use our free online Restaurant Order Form to streamline food order processing and delivery. This template enables customers to select meals, view the total price, and input delivery details. Embed the form on your website or share it via a link and effortlessly manage submitted orders. Set up automatic notifications by email and save order details to any cloud service.

Use this template

Structure and logic of the form

  • The Phone field accepts only 11-digit numbers to prevent input errors. It's done with Masked Text field type. Use it to specify a particular format and ensure accurate data collection for customers information.

  • The Email field only accept data that matches the specified pattern to ensure users enter valid emails. Patterns are an alternative to the Masked Text field to restrict user input. Choose from predefined patterns or create your own to verify customers information.

  • When customers choose delivery, extra fields appear to collect address and delivery instructions. It's done with a JavaScript function and helps keep the form neat and user-friendly. In the same way, you can deactivate fields, make them mandatory, show or hide containers, change element styling, and more. Find code examples in the Manage fields article.

  • Customers can view the price per item, input the quantity they desire, and see the total price automatically calculated for each line and for the entire order. This is achieved through the Data Table control and JavaScript functions, providing your customers with a comprehensive view of the cost as they add meals.