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Incident Report Form

The incident report form is a customizable template that allows participants, witnesses, or authorities to record accidents or incidents online, even at the scene. This form is beneficial for sending details to insurance companies, interested parties, or authorities. After filling out the form, the data can be sent to an incident log or interested parties via email as a PDF file. The form can be placed on internal or external resources and is completely customizable. Add or remove fields, change colors, and even include attachment buttons. By utilizing this template, incidents or accidents can be filed online and reports can be obtained in a user-friendly format.

Use this template

Structure and logic of the form

  • The dummy logo can be replaced with your logo. Using an Image control to brand the form.

  • For the convenience of the user, the form has four step filling. Fields are divided into sections using a Wizard container. Each step has a title that you can change in the step properties.

  • The field with date and time has a built-in calendar and a button to select the period of the incident.

  • The Drop Down field is used to assess the severity of the incident, which the participant can only choose.

  • With a click, you can easily select the type of incident from a variety of options. If you select Other, an additional field for the description will appear.

  • The Incident Participants step has a table with participants and witnesses of the incident, a required field with a name, a drop down column for selecting the level of participation in the incident, and a column for a phone. The table was created using the DataTable.

  • The phone fields in contact information accept only 11-digit numbers to prevent input errors. It's done with the Masked Text field type.

  • The email fields in contact information only accept data that matches the specified pattern to ensure users enter valid emails. Patterns are an alternative to the Masked Text field to restrict user input.