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Employee Registration Form

Welcome a new employee in a fresh way. Gather all the information you need for Human Resources with the online employee registration form. You will obtain the employee's name, marital status, date of birth, contact information, and address. The employee can fill out the form from any device: tablet/laptop/phone. Share the form via URL or embed it on your website. You can customize the template, add other fields and controls to collect the necessary information.

Use this template

Fields and controls

  • A logo is added using a Image control. It has a unique CSS class logo-img. Change the image in the control properties.
  • An HTML control with the hr tag is added to separate form sections with a horizontal line. The hr tag has a bg-secondary CSS class that sets the line color to light gray. Define another color for the line in the CSS editor.
  • The FirstName and the MobileNumber fields are required.
  • The Email field accepts only valid email addresses. Change the pattern in the field properties.
  • The MobileNumber is a masked input field that accepts only 11-digit numbers. Change the mask in the field properties.


  • The primary button font-weight is set to 700.
  • logo-img — a minimum width is set to 70 px. The image size is responsive to screen width and is set with the min() CSS function.
  • h1, h6, p elements' text size is responsive to screen width and is set with the min() CSS function.
  • h1, p element's text is centered.