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Bank Account Opening Form

Simplify the account opening experience for your clients and eliminate paperwork with a free Bank Account Opening Form. Efficiently gather essential details like contact info, home address, and more from clients to create a new bank account. Easily customize the online bank account opening application form template to fit your business needs and use it today to automate document flow. Whether you are a bank, credit union, or another financial institution, you can embed the bank account application form into your website, share it with a link, or display it in your office.

Use this template

Structure and logic of the form

  • The calendar start view is set up to show the years of the decade. Thus, clients can quickly find the required date by year, then select the month and date without endless scrolling through the calendar.

  • To make sure clients are over 18 years old, the dates within the last 18 years are disabled. Specify the available date range in the calendar to ensure accuracy and compliance in various financial forms.

  • The Phone field accept only digits to prevent input errors. It's done with Masked Text field type.

  • The email fields only accept data that matches the specified pattern to ensure users enter valid emails. Patterns are an alternative to the Masked Text field to restrict user input. Choose from predefined patterns or create your own to verify patient information.

  • When clients check the 'Same as residential address' question, the mailing address fields populate with the data from the Residential Address section. It's done with a JavaScript function and makes the form user-friendly. In the same way, you can deactivate fields, make them mandatory, show or hide containers, change element styling, and more. Find code examples in the Manage fields article.

  • Clients confirm the accuracy of the data they have provided with a signature.