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Jul 09, 2020

Pixel perfect conversion of Word and Excel documents to PDF using Power Automate Flows or Azure Logic Apps

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This article describes how to perform pixel-perfect MS Word and Excel to PDF conversions in Power Automate Flow. You need to register the Plumsail account to use the Plumsail Documents connector for Power Automate.

We’ll look into how to get a pixel-perfect output as a result of DOCX to PDF conversion. The same you can do with XLSX to PDF.

Pixel-perfect Word to PDF conversion Flow

Here is the Flow we created:


The logic is clear:

  1. We manually trigger our Flow for demonstrating purposes.
  2. We store our DOCX file in the SharePoint library. That’s why we use the Get file content action from the SharePoint connector. You can use any other connector.
  3. Then we convert our document with the Convert DOCX to PDF action from the Plumsail Documents connector for Power Automate.
  4. Again the SharePoint connector action — Create file — to save the resulting document to the SharePoint library.

Run the Flow, and ta-da! The pixel-perfect PDF output is in the library! 🎉


As we already mentioned, the same scenario is suitable for pixel-perfect MS Excel to PDF conversion. Check out the Convert XLSX to PDF action.

Check out the list of available actions in the Plumsail Documents connector for Power Automate, it provides not only pixel-perfect conversion actions. You can use other actions:

  • generate documents from templates — Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, or fillable PDF;
  • split and merge PDFs;
  • read PDF forms;
  • protect PDFs and add watermarks;
  • read CSV files and do many more things.

Getting started

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Our team is always ready to guide you — just drop us a line to support@plumsail.com.

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