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Nov 13, 2018
New pricing and splitting Plumsail Actions into two products
Anton Khritonenkov
Anton Khritonenkov
CEO and Co-Founder @Plumsail


Initially, Plumsail Actions was designed as a nice addition that helps you to automate your processes inside SharePoint. We still like the idea and we will invest in it in the future. But now, when Plumsail Documents connector has become a rich document generation tool, it is a time for it to become a separate product.

Since today, we have two separate products Plumsail Actions and Plumsail Documents.

Plumsail Actions

We will keep improving Plumsail Actions as a tool for managing and automating SharePoint and Office 365. Now, it will have only Plumsail SP connector. We are going to add new powerful SharePoint provision features as well as other Office 365 management actions.

Plumsail Documents

Now Plumsail Documents connector is an independent product. We decided to split it because there are various scenarios when you don’t really need SharePoint, but you need document generation. Plus, this product will also support work outside of Microsoft infrastructure in the future. For example in Zapier.

New pricing for any file size

With the new products, we introduce new pricing.

Review Plumsail Documents pricing. Now you don’t need to think about file size, you just pay for a number of generated documents.

Review Plumsail Actions pricing. Now you just pay for a number of executions of actions.

You may notice that monthly limits have changed in product plans. We carefully reviewed statistics of usage for the past few months and found out that many of our customers don’t really use most of their credits. Now, when each product has own limits and we don’t track file size for Plumsail Documents, the number will even decrease. We just adjusted new plans to reality.

Use both products with old pricing

Don’t worry about your current subscriptions. They still work with the same number of credits.

Renew subscription to get a year with the old price

You have one month to renew your current subscription. If you use monthly subscription, we advise you to upgrade it to an annual. If you already have an annual subscription, you can renew it upfront. Thus, you can ensure that you will use old prices for a year after this renewal.

On December 8, you won’t be able to renew or upgrade your old subscription with old prices. When your subscription expires, you will need to decide what new plans for new products you want to use and purchase them.

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