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Apr 06
Go Paperless with signNow’s e-Signature Solution and Automate Your Document Processes
Angelika Cherina
Angelika Cherina
Lead Marketing Specialist


signNow is pleased to partner with Plumsail Documents to offer an integration that allows users to send and sign documents and forms from their Plumsail account. This empowers Plumsail users to automate document processes and collect signatures faster.

But you might be wondering, why e-signature?

E-signature is fundamental in the digital transformation journey. If you want to say goodbye to tedious, manual paper-based processes, then you’ll want to say hello to digitized paperwork processes.

Here are 3 reasons to go paperless.

1. E-signature is the #2 work from home solution

Remote work has become the new normal and businesses around the world have realized the importance of digitizing their document workflows and ensuring their employees have the right tools and technology to be successful. Wherever you do business — whether from home or in the office or on the go — you can close deals faster, manage your signature cycles, and track your documents in real-time with signNow.

2. Save time and money

It’s no secret that printing, copying, shipping, and storing documents can be a slow and costly process. signNow’s automated guidance makes e-signing easy, even for inexperienced users, and reduces missed fields and signatures. That means no more incomplete documents sent back for completion! signNow users report 80% of documents completed in one day and 25x faster turnaround time on document workflows.

3. Improve customer experience

signNow users report a 127% average increase in customer satisfaction scores. With signNow, you can quickly keep signature workflows moving forward and deliver positive experiences — even when you can’t meet in person. On top of that, you can easily collaborate with teammates on documents, access shared folders, and easily integrate into the apps you already use and love — like Plumsail Documents, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams, and more! Happy employees = happy customers (and vice versa).

signNow supports businesses across all industries with its legally binding e-signature solution with fully configurable features that automate document workflows.

Let’s look at a few examples of signNow functionality that you can use in addition to Plumsail Documents to empower your processes even more.

Go beyond e-signature to streamline document processes

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all received and signed an offer letter from a company’s Human Resources department. How was that process? Did you have to print, sign, and return the letter? Did you have to download an email attachment, figure out how to sign a PDF, and then send it back? Did you have to repeat a step in the process because of missed information?

Here’s what that process looks like with signNow.

You can leverage one of signNow’s templates or create a template in signNow based on your commonly used documents or forms. Set up your workflow in just minutes with signNow’s easy-to-use interface to ensure HR offer letters are accurately completed, signed, and automatically stored.

Teammates can collaborate on documents and create signing roles. Next add fillable fields to your letter or document in signNow including name, signature, and date. When you’re ready to send, you can send directly in signNow.

Once the document is signed, you’ll receive an instant notification. Use the detailed and court-admissible Audit Trail to track the document status in real-time, so you can easily see who has signed and who still needs to — no more tracking down documents or missed signatures!

Automate patient records with signNow for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Now let’s say you are a healthcare company offering telehealth visits, so you’ll need customizable consent forms you can send to your patients to complete before their appointment. Before signNow, printing, scanning, and collecting signed consent forms took weeks and you had to deal with inaccurate or missing data.

With signNow’s data binding, patient records are automatically updated in Microsoft Dynamics 365, which streamlines patient consent form workflows and speeds up document turnaround time. signNow’s automated signing guidance makes e-signing easy even for first-time users, so there is less missed data and document errors. Patients can quickly fill out and sign HIPAA and FERPA compliant forms before their online visit saving them time and hassle.

With features like password protection, encryption, multi-factor authentication, the risk is minimized and data is kept secure and compliant.

Want to see this integration in action? Watch this short demo video.


Digitize document processes with e-signature and automated cloud storage

Wouldn’t it be great if sales teams could automate their sales cycle by sending contracts for e-signature, anytime and anywhere? With signNow, sales teams can boost productivity, close deals faster, and delight their customers.

Here’s what that looks like — A mid-size sales team integrated cloud storage with signNow so they can streamline their contract workflow processes and automate their document storage.

signNow has many integrations including CRMs, cloud storage, and other productivity tools you’re already using. For example, Box users can create a sales contract in signNow and send it for e-signature. Once completed, the signed contract will automatically save in their Box account.

Or, they could send out sales quotes stored in their Google Drive for signature, define signing orders, set reminders, and specify what fields should be completed.

Another great benefit of signNow is the ability to work uninterrupted. Users can start editing a contract in their office and finish from their mobile device, even while offline. All data is securely and instantly synced with signNow once the connection is restored.

The benefits of digital transformation

Wouldn’t it be great to have the time to focus on customers and strategic initiatives versus manual paperwork and time-consuming document processes?

Plumsail Documents and signNow’s e-signature solution together simplifies the generation and management of documents online, quickens the signature cycle, and makes document lifecycles easy to automate — wherever your day takes you.

Are you ready to try signNow for yourself? Start your free trial today!


This article is a guest post prepared by the signNow team.

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