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Supplier Registration Form

Simplify supplier onboarding with our free registration form template. Easily gather important company, address, and contact information from potential and current suppliers. Our user-friendly template saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on improving vendor relationships and streamlining purchasing. Receive completed forms in a format convenient for you, such as direct data transfer or automatic email. Strengthen your supplier network and grow your business with this essential tool.

Use this template

Structure and logic of the form

  • The dummy logo can be replaced with your logo. Using an Image control to brand the form.

  • The phone fields accept only 11-digit numbers to prevent input errors. It's done with the Masked Text field type.

  • The email fields only accept data that matches the specified pattern to ensure users enter valid emails. Patterns are an alternative to the Masked Text field to restrict user input.

  • The Documents tab allows to attach necessary or additional documents in any format.