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Student Registration Form

Utilize our free online student registration form template to seamlessly manage course registrations. This customizable form streamlines the process of registering students for your organization's courses through your website. Effortlessly gather essential student information with this user-friendly template, enhancing the registration experience for both students and administrators. Simplify the documentation process and optimize student registration on your organization's website using our versatile template.

Use this template

Structure and logic of the form

  • The dummy logo can be replaced with your logo. Using an Image control to brand the form.

  • The field with the date of birth has a built-in calendar.

  • The phone fields accept only 11-digit numbers to prevent input errors. It's done with the Masked Text field type.

  • The email fields only accept data that matches the specified pattern to ensure users enter valid emails. Patterns are an alternative to the Masked Text field to restrict user input.

  • The section indicating the courses is mandatory and should contain at least one record. This section was created using the DataTable control.

  • The columns: Courses, Level, and Language in the DataTable have a drop-down format, where need to select the option that the student needs from the changing list. All this allows you to speed up the process of filling out the form.

  • A calendar is embedded in the date column to indicate the start date of the course.