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Child list or library in a SharePoint master form (Office 365)


Create Parent-Child lists and edit related items directly from a parent form

Link lists or libraries by a lookup field and view and edit related items or documents from a parent form with List or Library control of Plumsail Forms. The lookup field in a child list is populated automatically by the current item even in a new form.

Edit items in Quick Editing mode

With Inline editing, you can add new items, or edit existing items right on the form.


Filter items via a SharePoint view or dynamically

Specify filtering for related items and documents either in a SharePoint view or via JavaScript. Your filter is applied automatically – no need to refresh the form. Thus, you can filter a related list by form fields and update it based on user’s input dynamically while he or she is editing the form.

Show items or files from a certain folder only

Display items or documents from a specified directory only. You can change the directory dynamically via JavaScript.


Totals and grouping

Configure Totals and Group By for the related list or document library view, and when you select the view with List or Library control, the settings will auto apply.

Upload multiple documents at once

Upload multiple documents at once — all of them will be linked to the current item automatically.