Licensing details

You can choose your billing cycle — purchase for one year or pay month-to-month. The subscription is linked to SharePoint Online domain (

What is an instance?
HelpDesk instance is a single installation to single SharePoint site.

As for the rest, all plans have the same features. The only difference is in a number of comments, agents and, as it was mentioned above, instances. When you will get close to spent 70% of your monthly comments, we will send you a notification about it. Thus, you will have enough time to purchase additional 500 comments or pay a differential cost to start using another plan. Unfortunately, if you ran out of comments in this month, we will be forced to stop synchronization of your mail and you will not be allowed to create comments from the widget and via user interface as well.

Likely you start using Plumsail HelpDesk with a trial. The trial version gives you an opportunity to try our product with no limits. The trial period lasts for 30 days. If you choose not to purchase one of three plans, the help desk will stop working. For more details about plans, take a look at the table below.

Jet boat Yacht Ocean liner
5 agents 10 agents Unlimited agents
2000 comments per month 5000 comments per month Unlimited amount of comments
Unlimited helpdesk instances Unlimited helpdesk instances Unlimited helpdesk instances
Who is an agent?
Agent is a SharePoint user that processes tickets. Agents unlike members, receive notifications about new unassigned tickets. There is a Role column in the contacts list. User is an agent if his role is "Agent".

End-User Software License Agreement

End-User Software License Agreement