Add widget to SharePoint site


Use this guide for HelpDesk versions earlier than 2.1.24.

Enable automatic sign-in for a widget

After installing a HelpDesk site, you need to approve an API access request to enable automatic sign-in for the widget. The Plumsail HelpDesk SPFx package will then be able to read the SharePoint users’ accounts and display tickets in the widget for a specific user.


You should have SharePoint admin permissions to perform further actions in the SharePoint Admin Center.

  1. Go to the SharePoint Admin Center (

Then expand the “Advanced section” and click on “API access”.

SharePoint admin center

  1. You’ll see a pending Plumsail HelpDesk request. Select it and click the Approve button to approve the request.

Approve request


If you remove the HelpDesk API access, to regain it, you will need to re-upload the HelpDesk SPFx package to the SharePoint app catalog and re-approve the API access request.

Creating widget configuration

Open HelpDesk site and navigate to the Settings tab using the left navbar. Click on the Widgets button.

Widget button

To create a new widget, click on the + New widget configuration button. You can also edit any existing configuration by clicking on the name of the widget. Please note that editing the widget configuration applies to every existing widget with this configuration.

Create a new item

Provide a Title for the widget and choose “For SharePoint” as its Type.

SharePoint widget

Check the configuration of the default views. You can set how many Tickets per page the widget will have for a certain view. The Display fields property specifies what information about tickets will be exposed on the widget list. Just start typing the name of a field and pick it up from the dropdown list. Creation of custom views is also available and described in this article.

To include private comments from a ticket to the widget view activate the option Include private comments.

Edit widget view


Display fields customization is available from version 1.4.7 and custom views—from version 2.1.9.


Display fields are cached for 30 minutes for optimisation purposes. You will need to clear browser cache to apply your changes immediately.

After saving, a configuration ID for SharePoint will be generated—copy it for inserting into the web part on a page.

Generated ID

Adding widget to modern SharePoint page

Navigate to a page where you’d like to place a widget.

Pick Plumsail HelpDesk Widget web part from the menu to add it to your page:

Pick the HelpDesk web part

Once you added the web part you need to configure it. Just copy ‘Configuration ID for SharePoint’ from the widget configuration form, click on the pencil button in the widget settings and paste it to the corresponding web part property.

Copy ID to the web part

Publish the page. Your HelpDesk widget is ready to use. When a user opens the page with the widget, it automatically detects the user’s account and shows only their tickets.

The widget on the page

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