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Dec 17, 2021

Plumsail is not affected by the Apache Log4j vulnerability

Lead Marketing Specialist

At Plumsail, one of our main priorities is your security. We are aware of the Apache Log4j vulnerability found on December 9th of this year.

We understand our customers' (existing and future ones) concerns as Apache Log4j is the most popular Java logging library. Here is our official statement.

Is Plumsail affected by the Log4j vulnerability?


Plumsail doesn't use Java in any of the products. Plumsail products are developed on the .Net technology. This means the Apache Log4j vulnerability couldn't affect Plumsail products.

Are Plumsail users and their data remain protected and secured?


Plumsail isn't affected by the Log4j vulnerability. Plumsail customers, their data, and processes stay protected and secured.

Contact us if any questions

If you have any further questions and concerns, you can contact us at support@plumsail.com