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Jan 26, 2018
Compact Org Chart for SharePoint Online in Office 365 that fits your page
Anton Khritonenkov
Anton Khritonenkov
CEO and Co-Founder @Plumsail

We know that your organization is unique — it has a different number of employees, different levels of departments, relative ranks, various reports, many other unique things. That is why we implemented an ultra-compact layout in Plumsail Org Chart for SharePoint Online. The web part works on classic pages as well as on Modern SharePoint pages.

The main advantage of the top to bottom compact layout is that it allows fitting really wide structures into a specified number of columns. Thus, they will most likely fit the screen.

In the example below, we fixed a number of columns to three. This is how it looks with three direct reports:


And it will fit three columns anyway. Even with more direct reports:


Displaying a number of reports and level in hierarchy

One other nice addition is the ability to configure displaying a number of reports in a box and, also, you can display a level number in a hierarchy. Check the documentation to learn how to do that.


Download Org Chart for Office 365 now

Plumsail Org Chart is easy to install and easy to use. Download and install our trial. It will not take a lot of time.

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