Upgrade guide for Org Chart 1.6.17

In version 1.6.17 we implemented new logic for initialization of Org Chart from User Profile Service. This allows to reduce time of initial loading and filtration. We had to change approach to filtration of user profiles because of this.

Now to filter user profiles you need to use syntax similar to SQL. See filtration syntax for User Profiles to get more information.

New syntax doesn’t support functions used before for filtration, but it provides alternative operators.

For example you can replace such expression: 

    Contains([Account name], 'domain\')

 with such expression:

[Account name] like 'domain\%'

Thus, to upgrade Org Chart from previous versions you need to check your filtration rule and rewrite it according to the new syntax.

Please, contact our support in case of any issues: contact@plumsail.com.