Installation of Org Chart version 2 for Office 365


Install ‘Plumsail Org Chart’ app from SharePoint App Store.

Note: When Microsoft introduced new ‘Site Contents’ user interface in July 2016, they didn’t implement installation status detection for apps. So, you don’t see when the app is installing and when it is actually installed. That is why you may see an error message when opening the app first time: “Something went wrong”. App is actually installing but Microsoft doesn’t show it. Wait some time and try to open the app again.

Open the app and click ‘Activate’:


Adding App Web Part to a page

If you didn’t add ribbon button for adding new org charts follow you can add web part manually. You can add ribbon button by clicking corresponding button on app page.

Navigate to the page where you want to install your Web part.
Click Edit at the SharePoint 2013 site ribbon.


Choose the place where you wish to add your web part and in the Insert tab click Plumsail Org Chart.


Click Save at the page ribbon. Message with link to configuration wizard will appear in Org Chart Web part:


Read Quick Web Part configuration guide.