How to add managed property for dotted manager

Org Chart for Office 365 uses SharePoint search to locate dotted line subordinates. Unfortunately SharePoint does not have search managed property for dotted manager property of a user profile. We need to create it manually to enable dotted line subordinates in Org Chart for Office 365. Once we have managed property, we can use it in search queries to get all dotted-line subordinates.

First of all we need to ensure that dotted manager property exists in crawled properties. Go to Office 365 admin center -> Search -> Manage Search Schema -> Crawled Properties. Then try to find “dotted-line“. If you are not able to find it, SharePoint search didn’t locate it yet. You need to fill “Dotted-line Manager” property for any user profile. Go to Office 365 admin center -> User profiles -> Manage user profiles and find any profile. Then specify “Dotted-line Manager” property.

Now you need to make sure that Dotted-line Manager property is going to be crawled by the search engine. Go to Office 365 admin center -> User Profiles -> Manage User Properties, find Dotted-line Manager property, choose Edit and in the Search Settings check the Indexed checkbox.

Unfortunately Office 365 doesn’t support manual start of search crawl. So, here we need to wait some time (aprroximately 2-8 hours). Once search found our changes, dotted line manager will appear in crawled properties.

Now, when we have crawled property, we can create new managed property. Go to Office 365 admin center -> Search -> Manage Search Schema -> Managed Properties. Click “New Managed Property” and fill the form as follows:

Property name: DottedLineManager
Searchable: checked
Querable: checked
Retrievable: checked
Safe for Anonymous: checked
Token Normalization: checked
Mappings to crawled properties: add mapping to “People:SPS-Dotted-line”

Click “Ok“.

Now, when we have managed property Org Chart will be able to find dotted-line subordinates. Note: you need to wait some time until next crawl (approximately 2-8 hours, sometimes it may even take up to 72 hours).