Asset management


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from $400

Track all information about assets and tickets related to them. The pricing above is approximate, request customization, describe your requirements and we will provide exact estimation.

If we receive a lot votes for the same customization, we will include it into a future release for free.

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Can be implemented for SharePoint Online in Office 365 and SharePoint 2013/2016.

With configuring assets management you will be able to maintain all assets within your company without hustle. Link trouble tickets to the asset and track all information about it — it’s much easier to operate them when you see the full picture.

All assets will be stored in a separate list with rich, user-friendly form. It will give you access to all information related to tickets including general asset information and related tickets.

This is how assets info tab can look:

Asset management

This is how tickets related to an asset can be displayed:

Asset management