Partnership program

We are looking for building long-term relationships with partners across various areas. Our aim is to build great systems on top of SharePoint and Office 365 and help customers to connect to other solutions that can get them more business value. 

Who are Plumsail Partners?  

Plumsail partners are participants in our partnership program. Members of program are building the network which will help you with distribution, support, and growth. Partners can bundle and resell Plumsail products separately or as part of their solutions. Through joint marketing and business development efforts, we are building mutual sales opportunities and helping each other to find new customers. You can find a description of partnership profits below.  

What’s the profit of it? 

  • A progressive discount on our products (up to 25%)
  • Discount is applying to all Plumsail products.
  • A free unlimited version for demonstration 
  • Trusted partners will be displayed in the list of partners on our site with the list of services they provide.  
  • Trusted partners will be recommended to our customers in case if they are requesting some services that we can’t provide to them, but our partners can. The same works in case if our customers request contact with partner\reseller in their country. 
  • Free consultation with our developers 
  • Free updates 
  • High-priority support 

We can also help you to build our products into your product and assist with customizations. 

How can partners get and increase discount?

Your discount is applying to all Plumsail products! The whole process is quite simple — you just need to register as a partner through submission form and describe your company. Then when you will be purchasing our products, contact with a request for a discount. The more licenses you’ve got — the more discount you have. Let’s see: 

10% – 5 licenses and less 

15% – more than 5 licenses 

20% – more than 10 licenses 

25% – more than 15 licenses 

After you purchased a certain amount of licenses, you need to send us order numbers and that’s it, you will get the increased discount.  

How can partner become a trusted partner?

You need to sell at least 5 licenses of any our product and offer valuable services for our customers like consulting, trainings, integration, own products, etc.  

If you have all of this, just send a request to