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Table Reservation Form

Simplify the process of booking a table with this easy-to-use online form. Gather all the information you need: reservation date and time, number of guests, type of event, name, and contact information. You can easily customize the form and embed it on your website or share a link.

Use this template

Fields and controls

  • All form elements are placed in a Grid container that has a content-background CSS class. Change the container styling in the CSS editor.
  • The Email field accepts only valid email addresses. Change the pattern in the field properties.
  • The Phone is a masked input field that accepts only 11-digit numbers. Change the mask in the field properties.
  • Change the message that will be displayed after the form is submitted in the form settings.
  • The form timeout is set to 60 seconds, after which the form can be submitted again. You can change it in the form settings.


  • The form width on sharing pages is set to 1000px.
  • The background image is defined in a rule for a fd-form class.
  • The background for a grid container with a content-background CSS class is blurred; the background color is transparent; the border-radius is 15px.
  • h1, h4 elements' text and field titles size is responsive to screen width and is set with the min() CSS function.
  • h1, h4 elements and field titles text color is white.
  • A pseudo-element is added before and after h4, h1 elements to display horizontal lines.