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Service Evaluation Form

Whether you run a hotel, health clinic or small online store, improve your communication with customers and collect service feedback with a free online service evaluation form template. Customize the template in seconds and easily share the service feedback questionnaire on your website or include a link in a follow-up email.

Use this template

Structure and logic of the form

  • The form is broken down into steps using the Wizard container. This enhances the user experience as respondents can navigate between form sections easily and see their progress through the form.

  • Questions about likes and dislikes in a service are multiple choice fields. To enhance data collection and flexibility, respondents have the option to select predefined choices and enter custom values.

  • Customers share their feedback using the Likert Scale. The control allows you to collect structured and comprehensive data, making analysis straightforward. Use the Likert scale in marketing and customer service to assess customer satisfaction and gather feedback on various aspects.

  • To show appreciation and to create a sense of completion, respondents see a thank-you message after submitting the form. You can customize the message to your liking in the form settings.