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Product Evaluation Form

Use the Product Evaluation questionnaire form to gather customer feedback and enhance your business. This concise questionnaire is designed to collect feedback from your audience seamlessly and discover what they value most about your product or service. Use this free online product assessment form template to gather customer feedback and save responses to various storage platforms like SharePoint, Google, Dropbox, or Airtable. Embed the assessment form to your website or share it via email and start collecting responses today.

Use this template

Structure and logic of the form

  • Customers share their impressions of the product and service using the Likert Scale. The control allows you to collect structured and comprehensive data, making analysis straightforward. Use the Likert scale in marketing and customer service to assess customer satisfaction and gather feedback on various aspects.

  • Questions about likes and dislikes in a product are multiple choice fields. To enhance data collection and flexibility, respondents have the option to select predefined choices and enter custom values.