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Gift Card Order Form

Allow your customers to order or purchase a gift card online with our gift certificate order form. The form asks a customer to select the value of a gift card from a predefined list, the names and contacts of the customer and recipient, and the shipping address. The PayPal payment gateway is integrated into the form. A customer can proceed with the payment instantly after submitting the gift card request.

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Fields and controls

  • Fields are divided into sections and organized using Grid containers. The general information is placed in a cell with fd-gift-form CSS class. PayPal buttons are placed in a cell with fd-payment-form CSS class. PayPal buttons are hidden by default.
  • The title of the form has bg-primary CSS class which sets the background color to the primary color of the theme.
  • The Amount field is required.
  • Custom buttons represent gift amount. The highlightSelectedAmount() function highlighes a button with corresponding amount.
  • An HTML control is added with the PayPal buttons code snippet.


  • Click handlers of the gift buttons populate the Amount field.
  • The highlightSelectedAmount() function is called each time the Amount field changes and on the form load and highlights the selected amount.
  • The function within saved() event hides the form and shows PayPal buttons. Variable giftAmount holds the value of the Amount field.


  • Styles for h1 and h6 elements are defined in the CSS-editor.
  • The success message is hidden.
  • The primary and the gift buttons' font-weight is set to 500 via the Style property.